About Us

Why Choose English Teaching Centre

Achieving the desired success requires patience and persistence your goals need time

The English Teaching Centre is a private language center based in Sri Lanka . Our aim is to provide above the par English vocational training to our students in order to ensure that they have the necessary tools to face any given challenge . Our English courses are specifically designed learners at different levels. Our qualified and experienced teachers ensure you make real progress, and help you successfully achieve your goals and communicate with confidence in English.

Hardly anybody outside Sri Lanka speaks Sinhalese, while Tamil is limited to certain parts of India only. Because English is considered the most important international language, most jobs in Sri Lanka nowadays require fluently spoken English. However, the English Language Centre has noticed a considerable gap between the theoretical English learnt at school by Sri Lankans and the capability of understanding and speaking English. The ETC wants to close this gap and offers course programs based on spoken English only.

English language changes lives in Sri Lanka. It empowers individuals and societies. English is crucial for higher and professional education and secures well-paid jobs in both local and international markets. A good grasp of basic English is essential to pass IELTS, PTE or TOEFL examinations.

Our Teaching Panel

K.W. Dineshi K. Kalamulla – IELTS & Grammar
I.A. Sanjana Kaumadi – General English (Spoken and Written)
M. Sandamali – General English (Grammar & Vocabulary)
W.P Amarasinghe – IELTS & PTE
Dr. K.M Kaldera – IELTS (Listening and Speaking)
W.M Edirisinghe – TOEFL
T.A. Siriwardena – General English (Spoken and Written)
N.G. Kulathunga – General English (Spoken)
S.M. Prasad – IELTS (Reading and Writing)
Y.A. Fonseka – TOEFL
K.M Gayathri – IELTS (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing)
S.R. Jayasinghe – PTE
V.L. Perera – IELTS (Reading and Writing)

To provide quality English language training to all individuals who have chosen English as their medium of communication for academic or professional pursuits and to promote international and intercultural understanding.

Our vision is to design a new pathway for Sri Lankan English Institutes which will benefit candidates in an immense capacity. The courses we offer will be recognized internationally and bring forth an educated nation with excellent communication skills.