How to improve your English

We have often commented that English is a difficult language to learn, but the good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom for those of you trying to ace English as a foreign language or second language.

Although there are numerous complicated rules that you will need to master at some point, there are also quite a few common but simple mistakes made by our students that are very easily corrected, little things that, once you’re aware of them, you will never make the same mistake again. In this Article, we (ETC-English Teaching Centre) make you aware of some tips to improve your abilities in English.

In my opinion, every single person has her/his own way to learn English. For me the best way has always been watching that it was good thing to do. About the films, for an example in Portugal none of the films, cartoons, TV shows and certain TV channels like BBC or SKY news. Since I was little I watched cartoon networks and despite I didn’t understand a word I kept watching and now I see films are translated but instead we have subtitles. That is a very good thing to the fact that when you are younger you can associate the words said do the words on the subtitles.

The second good way to learn English to write several times the new words we learn, for instance, when we learn the colors of the numbers or even the names of our clothes, the homework is to write each new word at least five or ten times. We are sure that this definitely will help you a lot.

Third good way to learn and practice our English is to talk with our friends or teacher in class. This way we can practice new vocabulary and at the same time we can learn the mistakes that we might say during our speech. And at the end we always say “I could have said it in a different and a better way”
Next advice is to read a lot, not only books but newspapers and magazines as well. There is so much good and new vocabulary in a book that we have no idea. that’s why we try to speak in English at every opportunity that we have. Even if I don’t understand the meaning of that particular word, I can understand the meaning of the sentence and by that I can try and guess what that word really means.

Finally, the last but not the least, we would recommend all people learning English to go to England or another country, to have a conversation with native speakers or even listen to them speak. Go shopping, go to the café, go to dinner, to a movie or even the theatre and you will see that this for sure the best way to really learn English. And the other thing is that you will have the chance to discover a new culture and visit new places that you might not ever forget.

Article by : Madushika Wijekoon (Grammar Teacher at ETC)